Burn Bootloader to the Arduino in Linux using the AVRISP mkII

The boot loader comes preloaded in the arduino AVR IC.
But Some time we need to update it, or change it, so lets see the procedure of that.

The Bootloader actually allows us to load /program code/sketch to the Arduino board via the USB.

The Video Shows How to burn the bootloader in your arduino UNO board. But the procedure is same for other board too. 

How to Load the Bootloader in Arduino, Steps are:-

Assuming that you have Arduino IDE loaded on a Linux PC:
  1. 1. Plug the "AVRISP mkII USB" connection into a spare USB port of the computer that is not currently in use.
  2. 2. Plug the AVRISP mkII into the 6 pin header (3 × 2 pin header) on the Arduino Uno board. Make sure that you connect the AVRISP the correct way around. Pin 1 is marked on the header and on the AVRISP connector.
  3. 3. Power up the Arduino board with either external power or USB power from the Arduino USB connector.
  4. 4. Open a terminal window in Linux and enter sudo arduino and then enter your password when prompted. The arduino IDE will open with root privileges.
  5. 5. In the Arduino IDE, make sure that the correct board is selected under Tools → Board and that the AVRISP mkII is selected under Tools → Programmer.
  6. 6. Click Tools → Burn Bootloader to load the bootloader to the Aruino board. The status message at the bottom of the Arduino IDE will let you know when the programming has finished.
  7. 7. Load a sketch, any example program to make sure that the bootloader is working.