Comments Policy

Policy for Posting Comments

Adhering to the Cyber crime requirements, we are now capturing the IP of those posting comments. This is to keep a check on those using abusive and offensive language. By capturing the IP, the cyber crime department can not only track date, time, network of the offender, but also the computer from which it is posted.


Do constructive and non-disruptive Criticism
  • You can criticize what we write by all means, but do substantiate what you are trying to say.
  • We welcome you to say what we have published are rubbish as long as you can elaborate why it is rubbish. It is not okay to leave it at "this is rubbish!" Let us know why you consider it to be so. Yes, it is important for us to know that.
Do post comments that are relevant to the topic as much as possible.
  • You have to follow up with the topic or a debate based on that. You cannot post a comment totally different from the article or a debate based on that.
Do try to use English to write your comments.
  • There is nothing against regional languages in this policy
  • Since there are diverse languages, unless we can find someone who can read and translate a comment, in a language other than English, we will not be able to publish it


Do not use offensive comments or be rude to other users/authors or disrupt an ongoing conversation/debate.
  • Rude comments like "You are an idiot" hardly qualifies as constructive debate or discussion.
  • You cannot question another's cultural/educational/religious background, since what the other person has to say depends on the knowledge and not on the cultural/educational/religious background.
  • You cannot use ethnic slurs or objectionable language while posting your comment.
Do not post comments with links other than in cases of rare exceptions.
  • Comments with links in them must have genuine information in them.
  • Comments with links to link to someone's personal blog or other forms of advertising will not be published.
Do not post comments that include personal details
  • Comments that include personal details will not be published, since we value your privacy.
Do not impersonate another reader or a public figure.
  • Same person cannot post the comments in different names.
Any member of Team Digital iVision Labs does not assume any responsibility or liability for the information posted on the comments nor any claims, damages or losses resulting from any use of the comments or the materials contained therein....