Getting The Lists All Available Video Compressors(CODECS) For Usage With "avifile" or "videowriter" in Matlab- While creation of .avi file in MATLAB

While creating the video file through MATLAB software you must know the video CODECS (compressors specifically) that will be used by MATLAB to create that. The video may be created by using image frames or direct recording by the camera device, in any case the video compressors will be used (exception: RAW Video files).

Command To Be Used:
--> It will return the Four Character Code (abbreviated here as cc) followed by the codec description & the dll file the codec will use.

Sample run:
>> getfourcc
  Four CC  | Description  (Driver / DLL)
-----------+---------------------------------------------- -----
  mrle       |  Microsoft - Run Length Encoding(msrle32.dll)
  msvc       |  Microsoft - Video 1(msvidc32.dll)
  i420       |  Intel - Indeo 4 codec(iyuv_32.dll)
  uyvy       |  Microsoft - UYVY(msyuv.dll)
  yuy2       |  Microsoft - YUY2(msyuv.dll)
  yvyu       |  Microsoft - YVYU(msyuv.dll)
  iyuv       |  Intel - Indeo(iyuv_32.dll)
  yvu9       |  Toshiba Video Codec(tsbyuv.dll)
  cvid       |  Supermac - Cinepak(iccvid.dll)
  tscc       |  TechSmith Screen Capture Codec(tsccvid.dll)

Here, the 4 character code like "mrle", "i420", can be used in the function "avifile" or "videowriter" can be used to specify the MATLAB, which codec to be used during compression. Otherwise it will use the default one (depending on your settings & codec availability).

NOTE: If this command is not working in your MATLAB version, go to the following link & download the file.
Extract the .m file from the downloaded archive & run, it will return the result much similar to my own sample run.

If you need more video compressors,  install one of the CODEC pack available freely on internet.

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