First program…the start to MATLAB atmosphere…

Matlab as a calculator
Have you ever wondered how the scientist makes the precise calculations up to 20 decimal points or how difficult calculations of the eigen value of the matrix of higher orders, etc., etc.
Here I present you the first and very basic use of the Matlab, which 3 in every 5 students are fear off, i.e. calculations. The basic calculations involves addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, etc.
I assumed that now you have good knowledge of different kind of Matlab windows, i.e. how to differentiate different windows.
When you first start Matlab, you will find “>>” symbol in the command window which means you can write whatever you want to write but remember since this software is Matrix based so all the program should be liable and applicable for Matrix.
These are command for some of the basic operations
1)   >> 20+30 ‘Press enter’

ans  =

     2)   >> 30-20 ‘Press enter’

           ans   =

     3)   >> 10*5 ‘Press enter’

ans   =
     4)   >> 10/5 ‘Press enter’

           ans   =

      5)   >> 10\5 ‘Press enter’

           ans   =

Name of operation
Forward division
Backward division

Table: - Symbols and their meaning

P.S:- I would like to advise you that try the above function by your own as well as it help you to learn faster.

Hope to see you in next tutorial…!!!!

Written By,

Student Dheeraj Mor VIT University