Embedded Systems And Arduino - A Perfect Combination To Start With

Just Imagine, 5 year ago Learning Embedded System design was feared by many Engineering/Technical student. That was the time, when Arduino was little known in India or haven't arrived in the quantity it is now, & the stores which were having the stock of it, was charging much more than it actually cost. Now the term 'Arduino' is no longer new to anyone who have even the least exposure to Embedded Systems. And the abundancy it is available now, has really changed the learning experience of every Engineering/Technology Student.
Arduino Type Lilypad
Arduino Type Lilypad
But why Arduino is preferred by many new Embedded System Desiners?
-It is Open Source, as you can easily get the schematic, libraries & every other source code easily
-User can later on develop their own version of (clone) Arduino
-The less amount of effort the developers have put to learn the programming of it.
-The robustness of hardware, seen through the static free & destruction-less design.
-The PCB design in terms compactness.
-Programming of Arduino board through its IDE without the need for any extra programmer,
-The built in USB serial interface
-Integrated serial monitor
-Extensive library support available

The library support of Arduino I feel is the most extensive, as compared to any other micro-controller board available in the market. The main reason behind it is being Open Source. The GLCD library is one of the best example of extensively written library. GLCD library save nearly 2000 lines of code, when using GLCD functions.

The main thing while working with Arduino, you don't feel like working on a hardcore Embedded Design problem. But the same thing done by other MCU broads can be easily done through it. It is because this ease of work, it is not only popular among the technical students but also the hobbiest who can develop many application for their home & workplace to help them in their daily work like automatic irrigation systems, door alarm etc.

The thing which impressed me a lot, is the easy process of writing our own Library file. It was the easiest thing, I have ever experienced. Just 3-4 steps you have to follow, and your library is ready for use. After it is ready feel free to upload in the Arduino Community or Github to get appreciated by other Arduino Enthusiasts.

Suppose during solving a problem, if you are totally lost, and don't find any way to handle it. Yes, there is a huge community out there that can help you at any point! If you are lucky they will help you, in solving that problem related to interfacing or programming. And later on after gaining much experience in this, you will also able to help other users & earn a name of yourself.

Embedded System is not about mastering the use of a platform, but understanding the basic concepts of any controller, just by going through its datasheet & other documentation.One thing I will tell you through my experience that, if you are able to work with any of the micro-controller board, you can easily work & learn other micro-controller board.

Arduino is definitely something you should learn to work with. Trust me Learning the Embedded System Development through Arduino, is just full of fun! Just go for it!