Meet Our Team

Our team of Content Creators, Editors & Designers have a rich background of technical work of their field. Although till now many people for a small period joined us & left but still there are few who were always there for this initiative to create & expand a non-profit, technical knowledge open-sourcing platform known as Digital iVision Labs!
Vibhutesh Kumar Singh

At Digital iVision Labs, he is the Founder, Content Creator, Developer, & Editor of Technical Section.
About Him: He is from a small hill station Ranikhet, Uttrakhand. Have completed his Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering From Vellore Institute Of Technology.  From his childhood he was having affinity towards programming & electronics. His grandfather being an Atomic Physicist have initially ignited interest towards science & technology & further ignited by his father who is also a researcher, in a similar field. He started website designing & blogging since he was 15. In his college days, favorite way of passing time was nature photography, blogging & travelling. That led his interest on Image processing & technical writing to flourish. 
Mean while he attained proficiency & learnt  programming in C, C++, C#, MATLAB, Python, HTML, various software like LabVIEW, & various hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NI DAQs & MSP 430.
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Past Members:
Vijay Sharma- Technical Writer
K C Shyam - Science Fiction Writer.
Prashant Mishra - Technical Advisor for Social Marketting.
Dheeraj Mor - Technical Writer.


  1. this is a great blog, the content i found here is rarely available on other parts of the internet. matlab codes by Mr. Vibhutesh was realy helpful in my thesis work.
    a biggg thankyou to ur entire team.

    1. Thank You So much. Your kind comment justifies that, Creation of this website has really created an impact.