Transfer Your Android Mobile Phone Data, wirelessly to PC using Wi Fi

These Android apps will allow you to transfer your data of your mobile phone to your PC without any data cable. If  you are lazy to connect the cable or if you don't have the data cable than it's a perfect solution for you. Yes Bluetooth & infrared wireless technology is there, but they are very slow, and it will take much time to transfer file through them. So why we don't look at the other way, that is much faster. Another way will be the cloud storage transfer, but that will require a large data bandwidth. But the  android apps we are talking about utilize the WIFI technology to transfer your file between your PC and Smartphone. The app list goes like this ( here we have shown the top 3 apps available, that works)

1. WiFi File Transfer by smarterDroid

wifi file transfer wifi file transfer
wifi file transfer

wifi file transfer chrome window
WiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection. Easy-to-use web interface, no USB cable needed.
This app has got till now an average rating of 4.5 from the android community, with near to 9000 reviews, so it is highly recommended.

• Upload or download multiple files at once
• Upload entire folder structures (Google Chrome only)
• Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files using the built-in file manager interface
• Password authentication (optional)
• Shortcuts to photo, video and music directories
• Runs as a background service
• View photos directly in your web browser (integrated thumbnail gallery)
• Autostart service when connected to home network (optional)
• Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices
• Works while the device is in hotspot mode

• In order to use this app, your computer and your phone need to be on the same local area (or wlan) network.
• If you would like to use this app on public WiFi networks, please make sure to set an access password in the app settings.
• If you're using WiFi File Transfer alongside other server apps such as WebSharing or Kies Air, make sure they do not use the same port number.

• The free version cannot upload files larger than 5 MB. Everything else works 100%.
 The paid version is available for Rs 59 or near to 1$/

2. WiFi File Transfer for Phone by GreenCube Network Computing

TAP Wifi file transfer
TAP Wifi file transfer

* TapPouch allows you to directly transfer unlimited files and folders to your friend's phone that is connected to the same WiFi network.
* No log-in, no ftp/ip address needed for direct files/folders transfer.
* Easy browsing & quick file search: audio, photo, video and document folders directly.
* Handy file manager functions to handle tons of files with detailed view.
* To send unlimited files or folders to your friend, just select them from media or folder categories and tap 'share' button, which generates one-time-only-use 6-digit "Share Key" on your phone.
* To get files from your friend, just check that newly-generated 6-digit 'Share Key' on his/her phone, and enter that number in your TapPouch phone screen. That simple!
* Easy browsing & quick file search: audio, photo, video and document folders directly.
* Handy file manager functions to handle tons of files with detailed view.**TapPouch features:
1. All-in-one Contents Share & Manage Function
- You can share whatever you have on your smartphone without any size limit, while managing thousands of files simple & quick. Once you experience WiFi File Share Master, TapPouch, you don’t have to bother yourself with any other complicated application.
2. Phone-to-Phone WiFi Real Time File Sharing
- Simply share what you have on your smartphone with friends, family and colleagues in the same WiFi zone! No need to key in any ftp or ip address any more!
3. Multi-File Transfer Without Repetitive Selecting Action
- Tired of sharing files one-by-one only? You can directly transfer any size of file bunch into your friend's smartphone. Let's be simple & fun to share!
4. Quick Contents Search with Fast File Display & Folder Grouping
- Lost in your folder with hundreds of music files? With TapPouch, all you have to do is browse through different view page with only a few scrolls!
5. Easy-to-Use & Powerful-to-Execute File Manager
- TapPouch is an all-in-one file management gadget for every user levels. Just tap your phone and enjoy what you have on your smartphone right now!
6. One-Time-Only Key Generating Privacy Protection
- Don't worry about your privacy! TapPouch generates a one-time-use-only 'Share Key' for each sharing event. Simply key-in a unique 'Share Key' shown on a friend's phone to share dozens of files or folders with one tap only!

This app has a average rating of 4, with 558 user reviews.

3. Fast File Transfer by Florian Draschbacher

Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer
Finally even older devices can send files at speeds like Wi-Fi Direct!
Fast File Transfer is an alternative for Bluetooth file sending.
The app uses Wi-Fi Tethering for establishing a connection between the devices but does not need the Internet.
Due to its high speed, this technology is especially recommended for sending big files.
• Up to 20x speed of bluetooth
• Easy to setup
• The receiver is device-independent
• No need for a common Wi-Fi connection
• No data usage for file transfer (Just for advertisements)
• The receiver does not have to have the app installed
• Send single or multiple files
• Displays QR codes for faster receiving
Just tap the instruction image
• Use NFC for pairing (in beta stage)
Using this app, you can easily send a file to an iPhone or any other phone that does not have Bluetooth but Wi-Fi.

Simply tap "Share via" in any file exlorer or in the gallery app, choose this app and follow the on-screen instructions.
How to send multiple files?
Just select multiple files in your file explorer and tap "Send via" (or similar) -> "Fast File Transfer"
In some file explorers first tap "Send via" in the menu, choose this app and then your files.
I don't want to always enter the address on the receiver's phone!
Use the built-in QR codes or
Save a bookmark:
Send multiple files once and add a bookmark to the file index page in your web browser. Later just open this bookmark to receive files.
Where can I change the password and username?
Open the app from the launcher. The instruction screen will appear. Now press the menu button and choose "Settings".

This app might not run on some phones due to restrictions of manufacturers or carriers that make it impossible for the app to access WiFi tethering.
The app does not work on:
Motorola Razr XT910 (Restarts phone; Problem in Motorola's Android implementation)
Motorola Razr XT890
HTC EVO 3D X515m
Some Galaxy Y devices
Devices that don't have WiFi Tethering setting, such as the Nexus 7

The transfer speed this app offers depends on the sender and receiver device. The highest value  measured is 33 Mbit/s which means 1 GB in under 5 minutes.

This app has an average rating of 4.4, with a total of 884 reviews.