How To Install Arduino IDE

How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows
Without the IDE, You cant program your arduino!  So, how  you are going install the Arduino IDE? These instructions will help you out

Step 1:

How to Install the Arduino IDE for Windows

  1. Go to Download the latest Software.

Step 2:
**Do the extraction of Arduino IDE, to your desired location, may be Desktop, may be in the program file or any other location as you want it!
**Best practice is to extract it, and make a shortcut of "arduino.exe" And CUT-PASTE it on desktop.

Step 3: 

  • **Plug in the Arduino to your computer using the USB cable. 

  • **It will fail to install automatically despite its best try. 

  • **Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manger. Or Right Click on "My Computer", and click on Manage.

  • **Computer Management window will be appearing, then from the left menu click on "Device  Manager"

  • **Under COM/LPT port section, u will find the board you have connected, may be MEGA, UNO etc.

  • **Right Click > Update Driver Software > Browse. 

  • **Then browse for the arduino software in C: Program Files/Arduino/drivers. or where ecevr oyu have extracted it...go to  ..../Arduino/drivers then click select(or something like that.

  • **Now the automatic installation of Arduino Begun.

  • **Click "Ok" and you are done with installation of your arduino board.

Step 4: 

  • **Click on the shortcut you made earlier or double-click on "Arduino.exe" from the folder you have extracted the IDE. 

  • **Go to Tools > Serial Port > then use what ever COM port you're using. (You can check  the device manager > COM port. Click on ones until you find yours.) 

    **Select what arduino board you're using 


    Step 5:

    **Keep the arduino plugged in so that you can program it. Go to Files > Examples > Basics > Blink. Once you have that done, press the reset button on the arduino. Click upload. And if all went well, you should see the "done uploading" on the bottom of the IDE.

    If You Have Followed The Above Step You Have Successfully Installed and Configured The Arduino IDE.