About Us

About Us
Digital iVision Labs is an open-sourcing (Non-Profit) initiative to promote advanced Technical Learning & Knowledge among various section of society. Digital iVision Labs have been started as a normal Tech-blog on 10th March, 2013, but as various people joined this initiative, it has grown big. Contributors list consists of various people hailing from all over the world.

Promote Deep Understanding On Various Technical Topics along with a view to promote creativity.

Visitor Profile
Till now (May 2014) visitors are recored from . It is particularly famous among the internet users from USA, India, UK, Germany, China etc which comprises of its 75% of page visits.

Article Publishing Policy
Article are invited from any person, who wants to share his/her technical knowledge to the world, by mailing us at admin[at]divilabs.com.
Article are invited for the sections, MATLAB, Arduino, Electronics, How Stuff Works, Science Fiction, Creativity (Painting, Poems, Opinions), Web Tips/Tricks, C++ Codes etc.
Update: As of 11/11/2013 we have stopped accepting articles from unknown sources for technical section, keeping the view of copyright issues generated in this period.

Our Team
Our Website till now have been contributed by various people. It has a permanent team of content creators, website designers & editors as well.
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