How Transistors Can Be Used - An Incomplete Iist

Transistors, one of the most common electronics component you came across. It is in use inside almost every electronics item, your computer, your television, your washing machines, your little TV or AC remotes or even your Cars. Well isn't that astonishing, a small device, which has so many uses. From its evelopment in the early 1950s, the transistor revolutionized the field of electronics, and paved the way for smaller and cheaper things.

But why its used so much? 

Its because the different application it supports. It is a very versatile electronic component, that can act in many possible modes & ways. That is why over the years it has been in use, and in future it will continue to lead the market.

Transistor- Front & Back View
Transistor- Front & Back View

The main operation it perform, or how this transistors are used:-

As a Switch

This type of operation is common in digital circuits where only "on" (1) and "off" (0) values are relevant. Actually after coming of transistors the digital electronics was on the rise. Even today the processor manufacturers gives the transistor count of their device in their devices. And the switching action performed in the processor stil performed by the tiny transistors in them.

As an Amplifier

The transistor may be used as a current, voltage, or power amplifier. For instance, a stronger signal current, may be obtained from a transistor than is fed into it. A signal of 1 milliampere fed into the input circuit of the transistor may appear as 20 milliamperes at its output, and depend on the transistor specification. Various circuit arrangements provide for various amounts of signal amplification. From mobile phones to televisions, vast numbers of products include amplifiers for sound reproduction, radio transmission, and signal processing. Modern transistor audio amplifiers of up to a few hundred watts are now common and relatively inexpensive.

As an Oscillator

A transistor may be used to convert direct-current energy into alternating-current energy ; that is simply, using it as an oscillator. When functioning in this manner, the transistor draws energy from a dc source and, in conjunction with a suitable circuit arrangement, generates a suitable ac voltage waveform. Transistor oscillator circuits are cheap alternative to crystal oscillator, and is being used in electronics watches.

As a Modulator & Demodulator

The transistor used in various circuit arrangements can provide amplitude modulation (AM)(variation in amplitude of an rf signal)  or frequency modulation(FM) (variation in frequency of an rf signal). Demodulation of amplitude-modulated (AM) signals  or frequency modulated (FM) signal  may be done through transistors. Thus they offer another low cost application.  

For Shaping The Waveform

A transistor can also be used to reshape the wave forms. Wave form shaping is vital in its use in radar, Teletype, & various other digital circuits. Like the use of the transistor in transforming a sine wave into a square wave, just by the use of transistor circuit as a clipper of the waveform