First step…Gives you the way to start a long journey…

The goal of this tutorial (also called starting and exiting sessions) is to learn the
First steps:
  •               How to log on
  •               Invoke MATLAB
  •               How to quit MATLAB
Starting MATLAB

After logging into your account, you can enter MATLAB by double-clicking on the MATLAB shortcut icon on your Windows desktop. When you start MATLAB, a special window called the MATLAB desktop appears about which I discussed in the previous tutorial itself. The desktop is a window that contains other windows. The major tools within or accessible from the desktop are:
  •        The Command Window
  •        The Command History
  •        The Workspace
  •        The Current Directory
  •        The Help Browser
  •        The Start button

The graphical interface to the Matlab

Note: - Many new version of the Matlab are now available.

When MATLAB is started for the first time, the screen looks like the one that shown in the above Figure. This illustration also shows the default configuration of the MATLAB desktop. You can customize the arrangement of tools and documents to suit your needs.
      Invoke MATLAB

You are now faced with the MATLAB desktop on your computer, which contains the prompt (>>) in the Command Window.

Usually, there are 2 types of prompt:
>>” for full version
“EDU>” for educational version

Note: - To simplify the notation, I am using this prompt, >>, as a standard prompt sign, throughout all the tutorials henceforth.

   Quitting MATLAB

To end your MATLAB session, type quit in the Command Window, or select File à Exit MATLAB in the desktop main menu.

This is the basic start and quitting of the Matlab.
Hope to see you in next tutorial…!!!

Written By, Dheeraj Mor

Student @ VIT University