Standard Resistors & Capicitors Value That You Will Find While Purchasing Them

If you have enough practical experience, of designing(on paper or simulation based) & applying(practically), resistive/capacitive circuits, you might have found that the theoretical value of resistor/capacitor which we have chosen to design, is not actually available in the market.
In market only a few set of standard value of resistors/capacitors you will able to find, then in order to implement that circuit that you have designed, you have to make a series/parallel connection from the available options, in order to get desired value.

But most of the time we just have to compromise with the resistor/capacitor value that we have got from there, and we use the available options just to estimate the desired value. 

So why not, design the circuit with a Pre-knowledge of the standard value of resistors/capacitors that you can find in the component shops? That will surely help you to avoid the compromise, on the resistance/capacitance value & more over you will know that what value resistor/capacitor you have to purchase.....

So we at Digital iVision Labs, provide you with 2 tables, which contain some standard value that can be found when you are out for the resistor/capacitor hunt, 

##First list, is for the resistors. 
Here all the values are in Ohms. K for Kilo Ohms & M for Mega ohms.

Standard Resistor Values (±5%)

1.0             10              100            1.0K          10K           100K         1.0M
1.1             11              110            1.1K          11K           110K         1.1M
1.2             12              120            1.2K          12K           120K         1.2M
1.3             13              130            1.3K          13K           130K         1.3M
1.5             15              150            1.5K          15K           150K         1.5M
1.6             16              160            1.6K          16K           160K         1.6M
1.8             18              180            1.8K          18K           180K         1.8M
2.0             20              200            2.0K          20K           200K         2.0M
2.2             22              220            2.2K          22K           220K         2.2M
2.4             24              240            2.4K          24K           240K         2.4M
2.7             27              270            2.7K          27K           270K         2.7M
3.0             30              300            3.0K          30K           300K         3.0M
3.3             33              330            3.3K          33K           330K         3.3M
3.6             36              360            3.6K          36K           360K         3.6M
3.9             39              390            3.9K          39K           390K         3.9M
4.3             43              430            4.3K          43K           430K         4.3M
4.7             47              470            4.7K          47K           470K         4.7M
5.1             51              510            5.1K          51K           510K         5.1M
5.6             56              560            5.6K          56K           560K         5.6M
6.2             62              620            6.2K          62K           620K         6.2M
6.8             68              680            6.8K          68K           680K         6.8M
7.5             75              750            7.5K          75K           750K         7.5M
8.2             82              820            8.2K          82K           820K         8.2M
9.1             91              910            9.1K          91K           910K         9.1M

Second List is for capacitors, that is including Ceramic, Mylar, Electrolytic etc type of capacitors. 
Here all the values are in Farads, with the suffix included. Here, pF id for picofarad & uF is for microfarad

Standard Capacitor Values

10pF          100pF        1000pF      .010uF       .10uF         1.0uF         10uF
12pF          120pF        1200pF      .012uF       .12uF         1.2uF
15pF          150pF        1500pF      .015uF       .15uF         1.5uF
18pF          180pF        1800pF      .018uF       .18uF         1.8uF
22pF          220pF        2200pF      .022uF       .22uF         2.2uF         22uF
27pF          270pF        2700pF      .027uF       .27uF         2.7uF
33pF          330pF        3300pF      .033uF       .33uF         3.3uF         33uF
39pF          390pF        3900pF      .039uF       .39uF         3.9uF
47pF          470pF        4700pF      .047uF       .47uF         4.7uF         47uF
56pF          560pF        5600pF      .056uF       .56uF         5.6uF
68pF          680pF        6800pF      .068uF       .68uF         6.8uF
82pF          820pF        8200pF      .082uF       .82uF         8.2uF
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