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Official Matlab Logo & Text, (Courtsey Mathworks-Creator of MATLAB)
Official Matlab Logo & Text, (Courtsey Mathworks-Creator of MATLAB)

If I say that the world is made up of matrix and anything can be solved with the use of matrix, just as it is pictured in one of the best movie “Matrix” (including all three parts), would you believe that???...If your answer is big ‘NO’, then this software can prove you wrong.    

MATLAB, as the name suggest, stands for "Matrix Laboratory". This software is the one of the funniest of its kind and is very easy to learn. It is a high performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization and programming environment. Or you can just consider that everything can be done with this software which one can imagine to do in other software. 

MATLAB has many advantages compared to the conventional computer languages (C, FORTAN), for solving technical problems. It is an interactive system whose basic data is an array that does not require dimensioning.

It has powerful built-in routines that enable a very wide variety of computations. It also has easy to use graphics commands that make the visualization of results immediately available. Specific applications are collected in packages referred to as toolbox. There are toolboxes for signal processing, symbolic computation, control theory, simulation, optimization, and several other fields of applied science and engineering.

One can learn this software by using HELP of the MATLAB. Then you will be wondering why to waste time on learning by this tutorial???

The simple answer for this is as a researcher I faced a lots of problem to learn the stuffs about MATLAB as a beginner as was not knowing from where to start and what to start. So basically the following tutorials are just the experience shared by one small dot to one of the bright line of the future world.

Keep regularly updating yourself by our tutorials and I make you sure that you will learn with full enjoyment and at the end will be able to give shapes to your thinking by this software.
Hope to see you in next tutorial .....!!!!

An Article By, Dheeraj Mor
Team Digital iVision Labs!