Writing a MATLAB virus.... (Please save all your work before Trying it!)

Just recently, I came in front of this method. Which will literally blow you mind (And your PC's RAM  too). MATLAB is a resource heavy software, requires a lot of CPU computation power and RAM.
Imagine, what will happen if 10 to 20 or even 100s of instances of MATLAB will be open at once in your computer system! It will call a disaster, possibly your system will crash (When I tried, I needed to Shut Down my system through the power button.)

How to create a simple MATLAB virus? Steps:

(1). Write in a new script file the following line:
! matlab.exe &

(2).  Save the file with the name "startup.m", in the folder "%userprofile%\documents\MATLAB\"

Here  %userprofile% is your user name in the computer system, which you are using.



Now Press the Run button!

Within a second you will see is something like this....... (If you are able to open task manager).

Writing a MATLAB virus.... Multiple instances of MATLAB at once!
Writing a MATLAB virus.... Multiple instances of MATLAB at once!

After this screenshot, my computer stopped responding and I need to Shut it Down  through power button.

What just happened?
As the  first MATLAB instance calls another instance through the matlab.exe line code,  the new instance executed the startup.m again, calling in recursion again and again a new instance of MATLAB.

DISCLAIMER:  I don't intent any harm of your work/computer/anything, you will have to run  this code at your risk. But please save your work before doing this.

How to undo it for next time?
Simply delete the startup.m file from %userprofile%\documents\MATLAB\ directory before you start again the MATLAB.