Does Arduino IDE Supports OpenCV Libraries

A common question, that we have received through e-mails is that "Does Arduino IDE Supports OpenCV Libraries?"

Our answer is no, if you are going to try using the function of "highgui.h" in an Arduino program, even if u have correctly installed this library in Arduino, by copying it in the libraries directory, it will show lots of errors.
Arduino IDE is not made to support OpenCV libraries directly, yes through 3rd party software we can make the application made through OpenCV working with Arduino Board, but compilation of Arduino Language Code is not at all possible through Arduino IDE.

OpenCV libraries are designed and highly optimised for the x86 or x64 platform and equire much bigger  memory than the Arduino having. Its designed to interface with video or images served by some sort of file system or hardware driver not present for Arduino. Also the Highgui is a GUI library which really has no relevance to arduino.

If anyone want to use OpenCV, the person need to do that part on a computer (ie PC/MAC etc) and interface that with the arduino. Otherwise should start coding their own processing algorithms for Arduino!